The Mozart Conspiracy by Scott Mariani

Review by:  Amanda

Title:  The Mozart Conspiracy

Author:  Scott Mariani

Collection:  Adult Fiction

In this fast-paced suspense thriller, former British Special Air Service officer Ben Hope is called upon to look into his friend Oliver’s mysterious drowning death by Oliver’s beautiful opera-star sister Leigh. The situation quickly escalates as Leigh and Ben realize that a group of powerful and certainly deadly men are after them and the evidence that Oliver mailed to Leigh on the day he died. Using Oliver’s research as a guide, Ben and Leigh follow a path of intrigue from Wales to Italy, and Austria to Slovenia, trying to discover the secret of famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s suspicious death before they run out of time themselves. This novel reads a lot like a bloodier version of The DaVinci Code with a lot less historical data and a lot more violence. Though the story is interesting and makes a quick read, it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea.

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