Have you filled a bucket today? A guide to daily happiness for kids by Carol McCloud

    Review by:  Lisa

Title:  Have you filled a bucket today?  A guide to daily happiness for kids

Author:  Carol McCloud;  Illustrated by:  David Messing

Collection:  Juvenile Non-Fiction

When I first saw this book, I thought of the bucket list, that list of things that we all want to do before (gasp) the end.   However, this book really has nothing to do with the bucket list, as I thought of it.

Instead, author Carol McCloud explains:  “The bucket represents a child’s mental and emotional health.  You can’t see the bucket, but it’s there.  This book is written to teach young children how to be bucket fillers.”  So how do you fill the bucket?  By being a good person, showing love and friendship, caring about others.

This easy book is a simple yet powerful tool in teaching children the value of kindness and appreciation.  The illustrations go a long way towards depicting the colorfulness of positive behavior in a visual way, and the repercussions for doing things that are wrong.

Recipient of the Mom’s Choice Award from the Just for Mom Foundation.

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