Plants vs. Zombies [Game]

     Review by:  Lisa

Title:  Plants vs. Zombies

Collection: Video Games


Beware!  Once you check out this game, you will not be able to put it down.  Plants vs. Zombies, also an app for your mobile device, pits a selection of talented plants with amazing abilities against a swarm of zombies intent on entering your home to get you.  Your goal is to strategically place the right plants in the right places in order to prevent the zombie horde from infiltrating your last line of defense–the lawnmowers.  These zombies are persistent, and some come equipped with their own set of special abilities that make it even more difficult to fend them off.

The game is entertaining (dare I say addictive?) and not gory or gross at all if you are worried about the zombie mayhem.  There are plenty of games to play with different levels and environments.  It is rated for everyone 10 and older.

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