Delirium by Lauren Oliver

  Chris  Review by Chris

Title:  Delirium

Author:  Lauren Oliver

Collection:  Teen Books

Imagine a world where love is considered a sickness, and people are willing to have brain surgery to be cured of it forever.  This near-future version of Portland, ME is where Oliver sets her second novel, Delirium, but at first, the premise seemed far-fetched to me.  However, Oliver provides such a rich backstory to the novel that I found myself wondering if it would indeed be possible, and as I progressed through it, I had to conclude that something similar, if not exactly what Oliver describes, is realistic enough to be imaginable, if only in our nightmares.  Oliver bases her imaginary world on people’s desire for peace and safety, even at the expense of freedom and choice.  And let’s face it, love can be pretty messy and scary.  Being without it would certainly make our lives much easier, but as Oliver’s protagonist, seventeen-year-old Lena, discovers, there might not be much point to those lives anymore.

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