Green Arrow: Into the Woods

    Review by:  Lisa

Title:  Green Arrow:  Into the Woods

Author:  J.T. Krul, writer ; Diogenes Neves, Mike Mayhew, pencillers; Vicente Cifuentes…[et. al.] inkers

Collection:  Graphic Novels

Once the self-centered billionaire of Queen Industries, Oliver Queen lost everything, but found a reason to live as the world’s greatest archer and the ultimate hero of the people, Green Arrow. After Star City was devastated by an attack by the villain Prometheus in the pages of JUSTICE LEAGUE: CRY FOR JUSTICE, the White Lantern Ring gave birth to a massive, mysterious forest located at the center of the destruction. Now, Green Arrow lives in the woods and strikes against crime and corruption as a modern day Robin Hood.

I like what J.T. Krul has done with the Green Arrow, a character who needed (wait for it…) a shot in the arm.  Oliver Queen is at a real crossroads in his life, dealing with the mistakes of his past and moving forward in new directions that I think have a lot of potential for good stories in the future.


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