The peach keeper: a novel by Sarah Addison Allen

  Regina  Review by:  Regina

Title:  The peach keeper:  a novel

Author:  Sarah Addison Allen

Collection:  Adult Fiction

Take a setting in the North Carolina. Throw in a bunch of Southern ladies, an inn, some coffee, a few peaches, a skeleton, a lot of secrets, and some magic and you have The Peach Keeper by Sarah Addison Allen. Sweet, silly, and sad in some parts, this novel is a juicy peach in itself.

Wild Willa Jackson, (the high school Joker of days gone by) has settled down and laid her pranks to rest. She’s an adult now and a legitimate, respectable, boring owner of a sports store. Her family, once part of the socialite scene, but now disgraced has lived for generations in Walls of Water, NC. The once beautiful family home, The Blue Ridge Madam, is now being restored as an inn by perfect in every way Paxton Osgood, Willa’s high school arch-nemesis. Oddly enough, Paxton and Willa’s grandmothers had been best friends as girls. As the grounds are dug up near the Madam’s only peach tree, a skeleton and a suitcase are found. Will more scandal and secrets hidden for 75 years also be brought to light?


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