Home to Woefield by Susan Juby

  Regina  Review by:  Regina

Title:  Home to Woefield

Author:  Susan Juby

Collection:  Adult Fiction

Prudence, quirky city gal, remains super positive when she finds out her late uncle has left her a scrub farm up in Canada. Dreams of beautiful, organic vegetables and clean compost fill her thoughts. Somehow, Prudence sees past the aging derelict of a house, rock filled fields, and the one sheep, only half shaven. With a name like Woefield Farm, it’s an uphill battle. She also finds the good in grouchy Earl, her late uncle’s banjo playing, cynical foreman and the young neighbor, heavy metal and gossip blogger Seth, who moves in after his mother and new boyfriend kick him out. When 11 year old, too serious Sara and her Poultry Club prize-winning chickens are looking for attention and a home, Woefield Farm takes on another boarder.

Hilarious thoughts and actions take place! (Language can be pretty crude and explicit in places.)

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