Testing and Education Reference Center [electronic resource]

   Review by:  Jason

Collection:  Library Databases


Are you currently thinking about going to college, preparing to take an AP Exam in the spring, or simply thinking about a career change? If so, then the Testing & Education Reference Center has several resources to help you prepare for success whether it be for preparing for college or starting a new career.

This database is one of the most valuable assets that the Allegany County Public Library System has to offer it’s patrons. Not only are tips and strategies to taking standardized tests such as the SAT, AP Exams, and GRE’s offered, but fully functional and up to date practice tests are available to you as well. One of my favorite resources on the database is the “word of the day” that can be found on all the specific tests homepage. Another really great tool is the “Build a Resume” function. Here you are walked through the process of putting together a nicely organized resume.You do need to register to do this, but it is a quick process and worth it in the end. There is also a “College Search” tool which allows you to narrow down the best school for you based on various criteria such as location, size, cost, and majors offered.There are also plenty of career oriented resources available as well. For instance, if you are thinking about going in to law enforcement, there are links to test preparation for the various Civil Service Exams that you will need to take.

The best part about the database is that you can access it from home at any time or in the library at no cost. If you know someone who is looking to prepare for applying to college or simply interested in a career change, don’t forget to tell them about the Testing & Education Reference Center. Having a good strategy and knowing what to expect while taking a standardized test is one of the best things you can do to ensure that you get the test score that you want!

Available on the library’s Online Databases page, or by clicking http://infotrac.galegroup.com/itweb/westmd_acl?db=TERC

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