One Summer by David Baldacci

  Regina  Review by:  Regina

Title:  One Summer

Author:  David Baldacci

Collection:  Adult Fiction

David Baldacci does a 180 and writes the story of the Armstrong family – Jack, who is dying of a rare form of cancer and only wants to live through Christmas, his devoted wife Lizzie, who is caring for him at home, teenage daughter Mikki, who can’t deal with Jack’s illness, 12 year old son Cory, and Jack Jr. – still a toddler and unaware of his dad’s impending death. As Jack’s body continues to weaken, Christmas Eve arrives – but with more tragedy. Lizzie, on a last minute trip in her van to the pharmacy for Jack’s meds, is hit and killed when she runs a red light – broadsided by a snowplow. In despair, Jack prepares to die and allows Bonnie, Lizzie’s mom, to take his three children and farm them out to different family members. Alone in a hospice unit all Jack has left is his memories, but then the unthinkable happens – a miracle for Jack. He begins to slowly regain his strength. Although the doctors advise Jack that it’s just temporary – no one recovers from the unnamed illness – Jack struggles to recover his life and begins by reclaiming his children and moving back to the beloved childhood home of Lizzie’s on the ocean.

Labeled sappy by some readers, One Summer is still a good read – an emotional roller coaster and you will cheer for Jack, a veteran of Afghanistan an Iraq. Fans of Nicholas Sparks and Richard Paul Evans will enjoy this novel. Devoted, die hard fans of his Camel Club mystery thrillers may not be so thrilled….


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