The Bird sisters : a novel by Rebecca Rasmussen

  Regina  Review by:  Regina

Title: The Bird Sisters

Author:  Rebecca Rasmussen

Collection:  Adult Fiction

Twiss and Milly, quirky spinster sisters in the twilight years of their life, who still live on the home place in Wisconsin and take in injured birds, had their lives change back in 1947.  Flashback: Milly, beautiful and quiet, likes to cook and has begun to fall in love and dreams of a marriage with children.  Sarcastic Twiss, younger by two years, has a totally different temperament – she’d rather be outdoors and playing in the dirt.  Milly is her mother’s favorite and Twiss – her father’s. When their sickly cousin Bett arrives for a summer visit, the whole family is falling apart, a marriage crumbling, with Milly and Twiss trying their best to fix and patch things between their parents.

Melancholy and sad, this book is a story of a great love between sisters and great sacrifice. Be prepared as the sisters flashback and forth between the present and past. Each chapter slowly reveals the reason why the sisters are alone, except for each other, in the present time.

“Life and death- what paltry words, what tarnished bookends, what unjust summation for drawing breath one moment and failing to release it the next.”
Rebecca Rasmussen, The Bird Sisters

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  1. Rebecca RasmussenGoodreads author profilebornNovember 01, 1979 in Highland Park, Illinois, The United Statesgenderfemalewebsitehttp://www.thebirdsisters.comgenreLiterature & Fictionmember sinceFebruary 2010About this authoredit dataI am the author of the novel The Bird Sisters, of course, but I am also a mother, wife, teacher, pie baker, nature swooner, birder, lover of all things old…Thank you for visiting me on Goodreads!

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