Solomon’s oak : a novel by Jo-Ann Mapson.

  Regina  Review by:  Regina

Title:  Solomon’s Oak

Author:  Jo-Ann Mapson

Collection: Adult Fiction

Solomon’s Oak – the words alone invoke strength and character…photographers come from miles away to capture the beauty of the lovely, huge White oak that sits on Solomon’s farm in California, where White Oaks should never grow. Glory Solomon, now a widow, owns the farm where once her and her beloved husband took in foster boys and taught them to be kind, responsible men. Now alone with only her horses and dogs, Glory is faced with the dilemma of possibly losing the farm. On top of all this worry and grief, she is ask to foster a teenage girl, angry, broken 14 year old Juniper McGuire with her own passel of problems and Glory has trouble, even under the circumstances, saying no. When a couple approaches her with a crazy idea of hosting a pirate wedding under the famous oak, Glory runs with it – baking, preparing food, and decorating the small chapel her husband had built – all with a pirate theme. Unlucky for a her, a former policeman (with a body and a mind full of pain), Joseph happens to arrive when the “pirates” are at their worst – with guns and swords drawn! On the other hand, lucky for Glory, he also has his camera and is willing to take photos for Glory of the fun, wild wedding. Will Solomon’s Oak shelter and mend all three heartbroken souls?

Real life characters with real, gritty life problems. You will cry with Glory, Juniper, and Joseph, but laugh with Glory’s zany friend, store owner Lorna. The cover of this book alone will pull you in….

You may wonder at the beginning to this novel, but loose threads will be tied in the end.

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