Ranger’s apprentice : the lost stories by John Flanagan

    Review by: Lisa

Title:  Ranger’s apprentice : the lost stories

Author:  John Flanagan

Collection:  Juvenile Fiction

In 1896, an archaeological dig unearths an ancient trunk containing manuscripts that confirm the existence of Araluen Rangers Will and Halt and tell of their first meeting and some of their previously unknown exploits.

Inspired by questions and letters his loyal readers have sent over the years, John Flanagan offers a gift in response: a collection of “lost” tales that fill in the gaps between Ranger’s Apprentice novels. For the first time, readers can learn the truth behind how Will came to be orphaned and what his real relationship to Halt is, or watch Alyss in action as the young Araluen diplomat disguises herself and becomes the perfect spy.

It was a bittersweet experience for me to read this book of lost stories.  In one respect, it provided some closure about the characters who readers have become familiar with in Flanagan’s delightful series.  On the other hand, it is sad to think that the tales have come to an end.  Happily, Flanagan has a new related series, the Brotherband Chronicles, that I plan to start reading soon.

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