Remembering Christmas by Dan Walsh

  Regina  Review by:  Regina

Title:  Remembering Christmas

Author:  Dan Walsh

Collection:  Adult Fiction

Such a wonderful little warm your heart type of book – great to read as Christmas draws near…

Rick Denton has been on his own since he left home many years before – now living, playing, and working in Charlotte, NC for a CPA firm – and he has no intention on heading home for the holidays until his mother calls saying his stepfather, Art, has collapsed and is not responding. Could Rick please come home to help run their small bookstore? Putting his own playboy life on hold, Rick drives down to Florida, where he meets an amazing cast of characters that frequent the bookstore, including a homeless man named J.D. who hangs out waiting on his daily coffee and Egg McMuffin. Can Rick’s hardened heart be softened by the turn of events of a mystery unfolding?

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