The Next Always by Nora Roberts

   Regina  Review by:  Regina

Title:  The Next Always

Author:  Nora Roberts

Collection:  Adult Fiction

Book one of the Inn Boonsboro Trilogy was a great read – especially since the setting is right over the mountain! I knew that Nora Roberts had opened an inn in Boonsboro and after reading The Next Always I’d love to mosey on down the road to take a peek.

The three Montgomery brothers, of the Montgomery Family contractors, are the key characters in this trilogy. Book one focuses on Beckett, architect and youngest brother who has a very busy life restoring the old inn. Back in town and now running the local bookstore, Turn the Page, is Clare Brewster and her three sons. Clare had fallen deeply, madly in love and married, right out of high school, Beckett’s friend who had joined the military and died in Iraqi War. Clare doesn’t realize that Beckett, after all these years, still carries a torch for her and is also falling for her three ornery, little boys.

Some of the antics in this 300+ page novel will make you giggle out loud and I do wonder if there really is a ghost in the Inn Boonsboro who is friendly!

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  1. blogging says:

    Dear Alleganylibrarycollections,
    In addition to your post I was wondering, The first in the Dream Trilogy by Nora Roberts, Daring To Dream pulls you right into the world of Margo Sullivan, the housekeeper’s daughter. She came to America from Ireland with her mother after the death of her father and has lived at the beautiful Monterey estate of the Templetons, owners of the Templeton chain of luxury hotels, ever since. Growing up with Laura Templeton and Laura’s cousin Kate Powell introduced her to the world of the rich and famous. Although her mother tried to keep her in check, constantly reminding her of her station in the household, she dreamed of being rich and famous herself.

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