The touch by Randall Wallace

   Regina  Review by:  Regina

Title:  The touch

Author:  Randall Wallace

Collection:  Adult Fiction

Jones has an amazing gift – he has the touch – hands for surgery and saving people. He also has fallen in love with Faith, a woman who lives up to her name and who inspires Jones. When both are involved in a tragic accident on the way to their clinic in the mountains – Jones hangs up his own personal surgical instruments and teaches his fellow doctors to use their hands instead. At the same time a young woman named Lara Blair, who owns a biomedical engineering company, has been searching for a surgeon to operate the special tool she has designed to save lives. Jones, when discovered by Lara’s team, wants nothing to do with surgery again and instead shows Lara the clinic in the Blue Ridge Mountains and the people who desperately need doctoring. When Jones also tells of Faith’s anonymous acts of love, Lara begins to understand and believe in the selflessness and freedom of such an action.

An amazing novel of faith, belief, and the inner goodness of men. This author/producer/director is also the screenwriter of Braveheart and We Were Soldiers.

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