The sisters by Nancy Jensen

   Regina   Review by:  Regina

Title:  The Sisters

Author:  Nancy Jensen

Collection:  Adult Fiction

A misunderstanding in one generation can affect the future of generations to come. Sadly, two young sisters, Mabel and Bertie, who loved and looked out for the other allow a misunderstanding to come between them. If only Bertie knew the sacrifice that Mable had made to keep Bertie safe from their step-father….the heartbreaking story continues through their daughters, the Great Depression, World War ll and Vietnam and beyond.

As Bertie said, “…I mean it’s when something happens – like a war, but not only a war, not just that. Something that makes you see that what you thought would happen won’t ever be. Not ever. Something can happen to change your life so sudden, you can’t get over it fast enough. And so you do things you wouldn’t ever have thought of doing. Maybe hurt other people. And that changes things for them, too, all in a line.”

The family tree at the beginning of the book was a huge help, as I kept turning to it, when a new character was brought into the story. I found myself getting exasperated with the stubbornness or insensitivity of some of the characters, but I had to remember that when this storyline was introduced – sexual abuse, especially between family members, was swept under the rug and victims, as today, suffered horribly. An interesting, but tortured read…..

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