Pooh’s Easter egg hunt by Isabel Gaines ; illustrated by Studio Orlando

Review by:  Linda

Title:  Pooh’s Easter egg hunt

Author:   Isabel Gaines ; illustrated by Studio Orlando

Collection:  Downloadable Books

This Read-Along Storybook is read aloud with each of the voices of Pooh’s beloved friends, a charming narrator, and even sound effects included for a spring day in the Hundred-Acre Woods. That’s where Pooh and his friends have headed for Rabbit’s Easter-egg hunt. As each word is read aloud the word is also highlighted so the child can follow along.

Pooh is an exceptional egg hunter, but seems to have some trouble locating any of his eggs when the hunt ends. Did his eggs hide themselves from him again? And can he win the egg-hunting contest with all his eggs hiding from him? Pooh’s friends including Piglet, Tigger, and Eeyore quickly come to his recue, as good friends do.

The Disney Online Books are made for reading on a traditional Windows® or Mac® computer. They are easy to access using your library card:

  1. Click on the “Collections” tab on the library’s homepage
  2. Choose “Download eBooks, Audio & Music”
  3. Click on Maryland’s Digital eLibrary Consortium
  4. And Click the Disney logo in the left-side column.


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