The Easter bear? by Ann Braybrooks ; illustrated by Josie Yee.

Review by:  Linda

Title:  The Easter bear?

Author:  Ann Braybrooks ; illustrated by Josie Yee.

Collection:  Downloadable Books

Rabbit is way too busy this year to have his Easter Egg Hunt. He tells Pooh Bear he will simply have to play the Easter Bunny this year. Can’t you just imagine what kind of Easter Bunny Pooh would make, even wearing Rabbit’s Easter suit?  -or maybe Tigger or Owl or Piglet might be a better Easter Bunny?  See for yourself. Finally, the best one to play the Easter Bunny is found.

The Disney Online Books are made for reading on a traditional Windows® or Mac® computer. They are easy to access using your library card:

  1. Click on the “Collections” tab on the library’s homepage
  2. Choose “Download eBooks, Audio & Music”
  3. Click on Maryland’s Digital eLibrary Consortium
  4. And Click the Disney logo in the left-side column.



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