In too deep by Mary Connealy

   Regina  Review by:  Regina

Title:  In too deep

Author:  Mary Connealy

Collection:  Adult Fiction

Book 2 in the Kincade Bride series picks up right where one ended. Whereas book 1 focused on the sparring and lively exchange between Rafe Kincade and Julia Gulliland, book 2 moves on to the relationship between the always smiling middle brother, Ethan and the newly widowed Audra Gulliland (Julia’s young stepmother) and her two children. Poor Ethan and Audra are railroaded into marriage by who of course, but Rafe, but both are determined to be good parents for the little ones. The youngest brother, Seth, is fleshed out more and you feel very deeply for what he has been through at such a young age. In the background still lurking are the dangerous, deep caves and the bad guys looking to recover their money from Audra’s late husband. Some of the conversations and thoughts, especially by the three brothers, are hilarious and the men, who are really heroes, must face their own deep-seated fears to protect their family.

Please read book 1, Out of Control, to really understand the characters. In Too Deep begins with a bang and without knowing a bit of the background could make it hard to get off on the right foot! A few new characters are also brought into the storyline.

Book 3, Over the Edge, is released in August and will focus on Seth, the youngest brother, who was so deeply hurt in the cave and wandered for years, before coming home.

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