Tinker tailor soldier spy [videorecording]

     Review by:  Lisa

Title:  Tinker tailor soldier spy [videorecording]

Starring:  Gary Oldman, Mark Strong, John Hurt, Colin Firth, Ciaran Hinds

Collection:  Movies

During the Cold War, a retired British MI-6 secret agent is asked to uncover a spy within the agency.  The man he knew as “Control” is dead, and the young Turks who forced him out now run the Circus. But George Smiley isn’t quite ready for retirement-especially when a pretty, would-be defector surfaces with a shocking accusation: a Soviet mole has penetrated the highest level of British Intelligence. Relying only on his wits and a small, loyal cadre, Smiley recognizes the hand of Karla-his Moscow Centre nemesis-and sets a trap to catch the traitor.

A movie adaptation of the first novel in John le Carré’s  Karla trilogy, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy stars Gary Oldman in a much-deserved Oscar nominated performance as George Smiley.  The film sets a deliberate pace to capture the paranoia of the Cold War, leaving the audience to wonder and speculate on who the Soviet spy may be throughout the unfolding story.  Violent and steamy at times, the film is Rated-R.


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