The Gilly salt sisters by Tiffany Baker

   Regina  Review by:  Regina

Title:  The Gilly salt sisters

Author:  Tiffany Baker

Collection:  Adult Fiction

Two sisters many thought of as witches. Eerie salt marshes with secrets. Salt that not only changes the taste-buds but foretells the future. What is magic and what is real?

Jo, burnt and scarred from a barn fire, is the hardworking daughter of a salt marsh farmer – who was considered a witch herself. Her sister Claire, younger, burnt and broken from high-school romance, hates the salt and is willing to do almost anything to get away. Both fall for the same man, Whit Turner, whose family has run up against the Gillys since the town of Prospect had been founded and settled generations ago. All three are surrounded by secrets and possibly curses of the salt which once brought to light can never be hidden again.

“If she knew anything, Claire thought, it was simply that though our time on earth was short, our lives were long. They seeped and spread, watery and wide, moving in unexpected directions…If she had to atone for her sins, she figured, so be it, she was ready, ice pitted in her bowels, frost gathered in her hair, and salt scattered painful beneath the papery skin of her feet – for as it was in the beginning, she suspected, so would it be forever in the end.”

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