Chasing the sun by Tracie Peterson

  Regina  Review by: Regina

Title:  Chasing the sun

Author:  Tracie Peterson

Collection:  Adult Fiction

Set in the 1863, Texas has taken sides during the War Between the States. For those settlers that fought for the Union, their lands and holdings were confiscated and given to supporters and helpers of the Confederacy. Hannah Dandridge and her family, formerly of Vicksburg, have settled on a ranch in Texas that once belonged to the Barnett family. When young, injured Union fighter William Barnett returns home alone, he finds Hannah, her younger brother and sister, and some of his ranch hands struggling to keep things running. Although William wants his land back, he can’t help but admire the strength and faith of the Dandridge family, but is also afraid to admit that he had fought in Vicksburg, the same town that Hannah lost her brother and now possibly – her father. When outside forces again threaten the safety of all in the little homestead, Hannah and William try to work through their differences.

Times were so unsettled in Texas in the 1860s, not only were the Confederates and Yankees fighting, but the Native American tribes were unsettled – hope and faith were the only things keeping people looking forward to another day – to fall in love, raise their families, and work and run their homesteads.

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