A wandering heart by Thomas Kinkade and Katherine Spencer

   Regina  Review by:  Regina

Title:  A wandering heart

Authors:  Thomas Kinkade and Katherine Spencer

Collection:  Adult Fiction

Book 3 in the series, An Angel Island Novel, is another sweet read by the team of Thomas Kinkade and Katherine Spencer, where island folklore told of angels that helped a community of residents near death. Actress Charlotte Miller, who covers a world of past hurts with a beautiful smile, has come to the island to stay at the inn with a movie crew, all set to film her new and upcoming with co-star Nick Dempsey. When a rogue wave tumbles the troubled Charlotte into the ocean, it is fisherman Colin Doyle who jumps in and rescues her. As the two form a quick attachment, Charlotte knows that the attraction can not last and sadly breaks it off. Meanwhile, goat farmer and cheesemakers Audrey and Rob are having heartaches of their own – will they have to give up their beloved Gilroy Farm in order to move to Boston for fertility treatments.

The world lost a beloved artist on April 6 – the Painter of Light and author Kinkade passed away at his home.

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