The maze runner by James Dashner

    Regina  Review by: Regina

Title:  The maze runner

Author:  James Dashner

Collection:  Teen Books

What an on the edge of your seat, dystopian page turner! I read this on my Kindle late at night and actually had a nightmare about it. My son woke me up wondering if I was trying to get away from someone!

Thomas can not remember the past, only his name. He is in a dark moving thing as it ascends. Above him doors seem to open and light comes flooding in, blinding his eyes. Other boys unknown to him, some younger, some older help him out and suddenly Thomas is surrounded and even more afraid. Where is he – what has happened to his memories? What is this place – the Glade – where huge stone walls move at “night” and terrifying things outside the walls, called Grievers, roam at will….

More nightmares for me – I discovered two more books in this series:

#2 The Scorch Trials
#3 The Death Cure

One Response to The maze runner by James Dashner

  1. When I read The Hunger Games, it reminded me of The Maze Runner. Except the Maze Runner was, I agree with you, far more terrifying!!! I can’t bring myself to read the sequels. Eeeks!

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