Love on the line by Deeanne Gist

  Regina  Review by:  Regina

Title:  Love on the line

Author:  Deeanne Gist

Collection:  Adult Fiction

Miss Georgie Gail is a modern, independent, young woman. She has her own job, her own home, and it’s only the early 1900s. Georgie is a switchboard operator in a small town in Texas and she loves her job and birdwatching. That’s why she’s sorely vexed when they send a male troubleshooter named Luke Palmer from the ST&T Co to keep an eye on her. If she only knew that Luke’s real name was Lucious Landrum and his real job is working as a hard-nosed, gun-toting Texas Ranger. Luke/Lucious is on the lookout for train robber Frank Comer – a man who has an unusual reputation for giving back to the poor and being kind to children and women. Can the Texas Ranger chase down Frank and his gang, all the while working as a undercover phone repairman and falling for the feisty Miss Gail?

Deeanne Gist is known for her sweet, wholesome, historical romance novels and some of her characters and settings are based on real people and real places. What I love about her is the way her characters play off each other and once I start reading – the giggles and laughs uncontrollably pop out!

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