Enjoy some free clarinet music extraordinaire on Freegal

Enjoy some clarinet music extraordinaire. Download adult contemporary, jazz, classical or love songs from 2 time Grammy Winner Richard Stoltzman’s albums on Freegal Music™.  This is a diverse collection of music for a cozy dinner, for interpretive dancing, for baby’s naptime, or for just building an appreciation of what sounds the clarinet can produce.

I particularly liked Siciliano Intro from the WorldBeat Bach album, Infant Dreams from the Open Sky album, and the Mozart Clarinet Concertos album.

This MP3-format music from the Sony Music Entertainment Catalog is easy to access and download without having to download any software –There is a limit of 3 downloads per week per patron with sample clips you can listen to before downloading: Click “Collections” tab from the library’s website. Select “Downloadable eBooks, Audio & Music”. Choose Freegal Music.  Type in “Richard Stoltzman” in the Search box and choose artist from the dropdown. To see his albums click on his name from the Search Results list.

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