Road to Grace : the third journal of the walk series by Richard Paul Evans

  Regina  Review by:  Regina

Title:  Road to Grace : the third journal of the walk series

Author: Richard Paul Evans

Collection:  Adult Fiction

Book three in the Walk series, this is another keeper. Alan is back on the road again, walking out his demons, from South Dakota, through Iowa, and ending as far as St. Louis, Missouri – over halfway to his destination of Key West, FL. Along the way he meets the most interesting people, but to his surprise and dread, his mother-in-law Pamela appears and follows him through several towns, disappearing and reappearing. Just when Alan believes he has left her behind for good, Pamela appears, looking worse than ever until finally she collapses on the shoulder of the road. When Alan revives her with food and water, she tells him a convincing story he has never heard and ends by asking for grace. Can Alan forgive the woman who deserted his late wife when she was only a child? The next person Alan meets is the elderly man who finds him on the side of the road, dropped by another severe vertigo attack. The man, Mr. Leszek, immediately takes him to the hospital, but waits and offers him hospitality until Alan recovers. Again, Alan learns a valuable lesson in the art of compassion and forgiveness. So the story goes – as the books draws to a close, Alan is on the road to St. Louis and again is attacked by severe dizziness, and wakes up in the hospital – finding the cause to his vertigo.

A story of offering and accepting grace and forgiveness – as Alan says in his journal: The abundance of this grace is only limited by ourselves, as we cannot receive that which we are not willing to accept-be it for ourselves or others….that not to extend forgiveness is to burn the bridge that we ourselves must cross…

Note: I really learned a great deal about Wall Drug!

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