The sugar queen by Sarah Addison Allen

  Regina  Review by:  Regina

Title:  The sugar queen

Author:  Sarah Addison Allen

Collection:  Adult Fiction

27 year old Josey Cirrini of North Carolina loves her sweets and candy so much that she made a secret compartment in her closet – what a great idea I think to myself! My kids can’t snoop and steal my stash of yummies! But Josey hides candy because it’s the only pleasure she gets: her mother is terribly overbearing and rude and Josey has no friends or significant other – her job is to take care of her mother. In other words, Josey’s life is going nowhere fast – until one day she opens the closet door and there sits Miss Della Lee Baker eating her candy and reading her books. Miss Della has decided to hide out for awhile and coach Josey on getting back into the game of life and romance, slowly but surely! In her quest, Miss Della is going to let a lot of cats out of the bag – especially about Josey’s domineering mother and beloved, late father!!

Such a funny, magical story with endearing characters and a happy ending – I promise!

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