Glimpse by Carol Lynch Williams

  Regina  Review by:  Regina

Title:  Glimpse

Author:  Carol Lynch Williams

Collection:  Teen Books

Lizzie and Hope, sisters and only a year apart in age, look out for each other – with no Dad and a Momma who works more hours than ever – it’s a necessity. Nice Miss Freeman, from next door, checks on them now and then – but more often than not, it’s just the two of them. Then comes the morning when Hope walks into the bathroom and finds Lizzie fingering the trigger of a shotgun. She’s fourteen and thinking about leaving by killing herself. As Lizzie is hauled away by the cops to an institution, Hope immediately absorbs the guilt, certainly not their momma, why couldn’t she see the warning signs? Lizzie did cry a lot.  When the hospital psychiatrist starts chipping away at the months before Lizzie’s attempted suicide, Hope slowly starts putting together the pieces of what drove Lizzie to even consider such a thing.

Gutsy and disturbing, heart-breaking and written in verse – my daughter and I consumed this work of fiction too quickly!

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