Clay’s quilt : a novel by Silas House

   Regina  Review by:  Regina

Title:  Clay’s quilt : a novel

Author:  Silas House

Collection:  Adult Fiction

Such a gritty, beautiful novel of tragedy and the sweet, uplifting love of family and friends, set in the coal mining towns and deep, lovely hollows of Kentucky. Brought up in a coal mining town in Western Maryland – I’m always eager to read of books that share my own area’s geological features. This book has been on my “want to read” list for many months.

Young coal-miner Clay Sizemore is surrounded by family – there’s the indomitable, faith filled Aunt Easter who raised him, Great-Uncle Paul the quilt-maker and his tiny wife Sophie, and his cousin Dreama who lives right next door with her daddy, Uncle Gabe. But it’s his own mother that Clay yearns for – the ethereal, full of life Anneth, shot right in front of Clay when he was only four years old. Clay wishes he could piece together the story of his mother’s life – like his Uncle Paul pieced his quilts together and when Aunt Easter finds a box on her back porch, some of those pieces start stitching themselves together.

Complete with a conversation with Silas House, the author, and a Reader’s Guide at the end. Great book for reading groups!

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