The last boyfriend by Nora Roberts

  Regina  Review by:  Regina

Title:  The last boyfriend

Author: Nora Roberts

Collection:  Adult Fiction

Book 2 in the Inn Boonsboro series picks up on the friendly relationship between detail-oriented, list making Owen, one of the three Montgomery brothers and impulsive, pizza shop owner Avery – who loves to dye her hair a different color every several weeks. Although it seems like the two are opposites, both are quite driven, full of energy, and they even share a past – their dads were best friends and Owen was Avery’s first boyfriend – at age five. Now grown up and with a little help from the inn’s resident ghost, Lizzy, the two are literally pushed together and sparks fly.

Although the book is predictable and seems to be more focused on the details of getting the inn up and running, I think the author, because of Owen being the detail man, considered this in her writing. I like that Lizzy the ghost is becoming more “fleshed” out – in the next book we’re sure to find how she died and more about Billy. Not as exciting or as funny as the first book, The Next Always, a few of the livelier lines are about Avery’s dad, Willy B and Owen’s mom.


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