Granny squares : over 25 creative ways to crochet the classic pattern by Stephanie Göhr, Melanie Sturm, Barbara Wilder.

     Review by:  Sherry

Title:  Granny squares : over 25 creative ways to crochet the classic pattern

Author:  Stephanie Göhr, Melanie Sturm, Barbara Wilder

Collection:  Adult Non-Fiction

Every granny square begins in the center and it’s worked outwards.  This classic square is made up of a combination of simple double crochet and chain stitches.  The wealth of patterns, variations and methods for linking stitches is limitless.  These compact little squares are quick and easy to make.  You can put them together to make enchanting bags, cuddly throws, or practical household accessories.  Whether subtle or bright, these little squares are perfect for using up your yarn remnants.

*book introduction*

I’m always amazed by what creative individuals can come up with when it comes to yarn.  Anyone who crochets or wants to learn how to crochet will enjoy looking through this book.  Not only does it have different styles of granny squares but it also includes patterns for larger projects like afghans and many smaller projects are shown as well.  Do you have several skeins of yarn that are different colors and you have no idea what to do with them?  You might want to peruse this title; it will definitely give you some ideas and inspiration.

Sherry Dickens


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