True Sisters by Sandra Dallas

   Regina  Review by:  Regina

Title: True Sisters

Author:  Sandra Dallas

Collection:  Adult Fiction

True Sisters is a piece of historical fiction – building on the true arduous journey of Mormon converts who immigrated to America and pushed their handcarts from Utah City   to Salt Lake City, some 1300 miles. Why handcarts? Smaller and easier than large, cumbersome wagons, it was thought by Mormon leaders that the walk would also strengthen the LDS convert’s bodies and faith by the time they reached the celestial city. The Martin Company left late in the year with unstable carts made of green wood and were warned of the snows and freezing rains that could affect their travel. Unfortunately the Mormon leaders of the small group turned a deaf ear to the predictions, telling their people that they were weak in the faith if they considered staying behind until spring. The loss of people along the route was staggering, much worse than the well-told story of the Donner party. True Sisters focuses on four women that find friendship in the trek, prove their character and strength, and rise above their horrible losses to push on. An incredible story…..

Note: The author has chosen to call the converts emigrants, as they were known in the nineteenth century. Emigrant is preferred by virtually all Utah historians.


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