Someone like– Adele by Caroline Sanderson

   Regina  Review by:  Regina

Title:  Someone like– Adele

Author:  Caroline Sanderson

Collection:  Adult Biography

Someone like… Adele covers the young star’s rise to fame, where she grew up, how close her and her Mum are, the shyness/stagefright that comes out by wisecracking and gabbing on stage, and the relationships that emotionally rent her, giving her fuel for her lyrics. The book also tells of the singers and bands that influenced Adele when she was young and the songwriters/producers that are contributing factors to her success.

Adele falls into one of my top ten songwriters/singers – what an amazing sultry voice. I actually hadn’t heard of her until Rolling in the Deep hit me like a pile-driver! Wow – I cranked it up, irritating my daughter who had already heard it probably 100 times on the top ten, and then raced to YouTube to absorb the video. Did I tell you another of my top ten singers – Etta James, also one of Adele’s influences.

Freegal, one of our library databases that all our patrons can access with their library card, has selections from Adele’s albums, 19 and 21, for free downloads.

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