Falling together by Marisa de los Santos

   Regina  Review by:  Regina

Title:  Falling together

Author:  Marisa de los Santos

Collection:  Adult Fiction

The first day of college is always a wee bit traumatic. Finding and connecting with a new friend is great and bonding with two is even better! So when fate brought Pen, Cat, and Will together in a small bathroom, their friendship was obviously meant to be and the threesome stays rock strong until adult reality hits – Cat gets married and Pen and Will are just an uncomfortable twosome. Vowing never to contact each other again, the three stay apart until many years later – Cat summons them both with an out-of-the-blue email. Suddenly Pen and Will are jetting across the country and heading to the Philippines in search of the elusive, tiny Cat.

A wonderful, anytime read, I have only read two books by this author and loved them both! Her characters, who talk hilariously to themselves, are so interesting and deep that you would want to friend them for life! This is a story of loss, love and deep friendship that turns into love…

Note: de los Santos is the wife of children’s book author David Teague.


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