Grimpow : the invisible road by Rafael Ábalos ; translated from Spanish by Noël Baca Castex.

     Review by:  Linda J.

Title:  Grimpow : the invisible road

Author:  Rafael Ábalos ; translated from Spanish by Noël Baca Castex

Collection:  Teen Audiobook

I listened to Grimpow, the Invisible Road by Rafael Abalos on CD.  Abalos, born in 1956 in Malaga, is a Spanish lawyer who has discovered a talent for writing adventure tales.  This book is a cross between the Harry Potter books and the Da Vinci Code. The story takes place in France during the 1300s.  Grimpow, a young boy comes across a dead knight lying in a field of snow.  Clutched in the dead man’s hand is a stone.  When Grimpow takes the stone, the knight mysteriously vanishes and the boy realizes this is not a normal stone.  The once illiterate hero now can read books in any language and he has visions which leads him on a quest for knowledge.  The stone may have belonged to a Knight Templar  and it may be the Philosopher’s Stone that many great men have died looking for.  Grimpow and his companions, the son of a Knight Templar, and Lianelle, a princess must solve riddles and evade the King of France and the Pope’s ambassadors as they search for the secrets the stone can unlock.  There is excitement and danger as the heroes race through France toward their goal.  Read (or listen) and see what they discover about life, the universe and themselves.

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