Another piece of my heart by Jane Green

   Regina  Review by:  Regina

Title:  Another piece of my heart

Author:  Jane Green

Collection:  Adult Fiction

Andi always wanted to be a mom – even when she was little, she wanted to fill her home with children. By the time Andi was in her late 30s and finally met the right man, Ethan, she was thrilled he had two beautiful daughters, Emily and Sophia – products of an alcoholic mother, but she still desperately wants one of her own. At the same time, Emily, the older of the two sisters, wanted nothing to do with Andi and went out of her way to make her life miserable. Only once in a while could Andi see through the crack in the veneer Emily kept snug around her. When Emily finally gets caught with alcohol and a secret that will affect them all – things in Andi and Ethan’s home come to a head.

A family knows best how to bring us to our knees in tears. Told through the eyes of each of the main characters, Another Piece of My Heart, will make you laugh, cry and despair over such a thing called a “normal family.”

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