Left neglected : a novel by Lisa Genova

   Regina  Review by:  Regina

Title:  Left neglected : a novel

Author:  Lisa Genova

Collection:  Adult Fiction

Three beautiful children involved in everything, one handsome, career minded husband, a busy, satisfying career for herself, a home in a prestigious neighborhood of Boston and a vacation home in Vermont’s ski country – Sarah Nickerson’s life is on full throttle. Sarah prides herself on her ability to multi-task to the nth degree, but everything comes to a full stop when she finds herself spinning out of control on wet pavement headed into work. When Sarah wakes up in the hospital, she doesn’t realize that she can’t see anything on her left – a real, neurological syndrome that occurs due to damage to the right hemisphere of the brain called Left Neglect. Sarah, revved to go back to work, doesn’t realize the long term therapy that may never get her back to the pre-accident Sarah. Slowly, she comes to understand that it may not be such a bad thing….

A book full of determination and tears, laughter and despair, definitely a good read that I really enjoyed and couldn’t put down…

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