A summer in Europe by Marilyn Brant

  Regina  Review by:  Regina

Title:  A summer in Europe

Author:  Marilyn Brant

Collection:  Adult Fiction

Gwendolyn’s aunt Beatrice, at 67, had more fun with her S& M Club (sudoku and mah-jongg)in one day than Gwen did in a year, and she was only 30. Gwen loves stability, reliability, and structure – in other words boring according to Aunt Beatrice. When Gwen’s boyfriend of two years gifts her with earrings instead of the engagement ring she so desires, Auntie offers her a frolicking five week trip through Europe with her S&M friends and the fun begins. Although it takes awhile Gwen finally succumbs to the allure of the beauty around her – Rome, Capri, Budapest, and Marseilles and two handsome brothers named Emerson and Thoreau.

As I have never been to Europe, it really was enjoyable to immerse myself into the descriptions of the lovely sights, sounds, and taste of the cities and countryside visited by Gwen and her friends. Ok, I’m up to a trip, who’s with me?

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