Summerland : a novel by Elin Hilderbrand

  Regina  Review by:  Regina

Title:  Summerland : a novel

Author:  Elin Hilderbrand

Collection:  Adult Fiction

Nantucket, the lovely little island where people flock to for carefree vacations, is also the home to many year-round islanders – retirees, working class stiffs, and kids who attend the Nantucket school system. The 17 year old twins, Penny and Hobby Alistair, are juniors at Nantucket High, soon to be seniors when Fall rolls around. But Penny, the lovely girl with a gifted voice will never see her senior graduation and Hobby, the talented athlete, will never play football again after the horrible car accident following the senior party on graduation night. The island, along with the twin’s mom Zoe, mourns the horrible loss of one of their own and looks for clues and causes.

One of our greatest fears is to lose a child in a car accident. Prom night and graduation parties roll around every year, and which one of us as parents doesn’t worry until we know our teens are safe at home? The novel also looks into the secrets teens hide that we do not see or sometimes, don’t want to see.

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