The good dream by Donna VanLiere

   Regina  Review by:  Regina

Title:  The good dream

Author:  Donna VanLiere

Collection:  Adult Fiction

What happens when you’re just an independent, 30something, according-to-the-town spinster, who goes against the naysayers to save a poor, abused little boy from the hills? Lonely since the death of her beloved mother, Ivorie Walker is just putting one foot in front of the other. Doing her daily chores, milking the cow, weeding the garden, canning the vegetables, Ivorie’s life is just an empty routine rut. Other than her dog Sally, her brother Henry, and his wife Loretta, there’s no family nearby. When a dirty faced young feller gets caught stealing tomatoes in her garden, Ivorie’s life begins to change in unusual, courageous ways.

I have loved reading all of VanLiere’s Christmas books and was excited to see she had written a full length novel. This book is so uplifting and moving – you’ll fall in love with the main characters.

One of favorite quotes from Ivorie:  “There comes a time when you don’t know what you’re capable of anymore. Looking back, say five or even two years ago, you can remember what you were capable of then – how you thought, what you did, who you loved, who people said you were. Then something happens and takes that away; the basket of good intentions you’ve been toting around, the trunk of dreams you’ve been pulling behind you – all of it is gone in an instant, and it’s just you, naked, bare, exposed.”

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