Over the edge by Mary Connealy

  Regina  Review by:  Regina

Title:  Over the edge

Author:  Mary Connealy

Collection:  Adult Fiction

Another comical, historical romance about the Kinkade brothers – The Kinkade Brides #3, Over the Edge is just a hoot as was the first and second. This time the main character is youngest bro #3 Seth, the on-the-edge, blue-eyed civil war veteran, who has horrendous nightmares of the war and the accident in the caves. Because of this Seth has lost big chunks of time, including the fact that at some point he had gotten married. The book opens with Seth’s Texan wife riding into town in the stagecoach, with their child, trying to hold off several robbers with her Colt in her left hand and a Winchester in her right. Tough as Texas, Callie has come to claim help from Seth and his brothers. Little does she know what she is letting herself in for with joining the Kinkade clan.

As I’ve said before, Mary Connealy makes me giggle with her ornery characters, their thoughts, and sayings. I hate to set this series down – I might have to reread them.

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