The dawn of a dream by Ann Shorey

  Regina  Review by:  Regina

Title: The dawn of a dream

Author:  Ann Shorey

Collection:  Adult Fiction

Luellen O’Connell, against the wishes of her parents, eloped with a man who drove freight for the railroad. When she finds that he has another wife in Chicago, Luellen is forced to move back home with her parents and soon to be married sister. Applying for a scandalous divorce, but determined to attend Allenwood Normal School for teaching several hours away by train, Luellen buckles down to classes and seems to making headway until she discovers she is with child. How will Luellen finish her schooling, work on the side to earn money to even attend college, and attend to a baby?

An honorable story of determination and strength. It is always such an eye-opener to discover how women were treated in days gone by. Female teachers were not allowed to be married. Divorce was a scandal, almost unheard of, even attending a teaching school and being pregnant was grounds for dismissal and shame. This book is the third in the series: At Home in Beldon Grove.


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