Little night by Luanne Rice

  Regina  Review by:  Regina

Title:  Little night

Author:  Luanne Rice

Collection:  Adult Fiction

In New York City lived two perfect and exceptionally close daughters, Anne and Clare Burke. From their father’s affairs they learned to keep secrets and from their mother – acceptance and resignation. To escape their parent’s constant fighting, they roamed Central Park and discovered raptors in the night. Now grown up and grown apart from the horrible event, almost 20 years ago, that placed Clare in lock up for two long years, Clare is trying to slowly move on with her life. When Anne’s daughter Grit shows up alone are her doorstep, memories are relived, hatred is brought alive, but healing and forgiveness that has been buried deep in the bog – begin at last….

“Their old house, the poem, birds, history, and their own imaginations delivered them from family unhappiness. Born city girls, they learned early to escape into nature. Central Park was a haven, thirty-seven blocks and a world away from home. Exploring the park and the dusty corners of their own house taught the girls to look for meaning, magic, and comfort in places they least expected it.”

Another great contemporary read from Luanne Rice.


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