South of superior by Ellen Airgood

  Regina  Review by:  Regina

Title:  South of superior

Author:  Ellen Airgood

Collection:  Adult Books

Meet the people of McAllaster, a tiny rough and tumble town on the edge of Lake Superior, where times are hard and people are tough, but generations have looked out for each other. There’s Mary Feather, an aging Scotswoman and her terrier, Jack, who lives in a couple of tool cribs bolted together and who makes maple syrup like no other. Then there is Albert the fruit and vegetable man and his helper, Gus, who set their stand up anywhere and are run off by the politically and socially correct in town.

Citified Madeline Stone from Chicago arrives in McAllaster to live with stalwart Gladys Hansen and help care for her sister, sweet Arbutus. Gladys and Arbutus are as unlike as night and day. Madeline doesn’t know it yet, but Gladys has a few secrets about Madeline’s estranged grandfather that had abandoned her when she was a young orphan. Feeling ever the outsider, Madeline slowly begins to fall for the town and its unusual, strong-willed characters.

A wonderful story – it reminds me of my own little hometown growing up. Some of my grandmother’s friends were such strong, independent characters and so much fun to be around!

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