Courtship & curses by Marissa Doyle

    Review by:  Lisa

Title:  Courtship & curses

Author:  Marissa Doyle

Collection:  Teen Books


In 1815, Lady Sophie Rosier’s first London season is marred not only by her physical and emotional scars, but also by magical attacks on her father and other members of the British War Cabinet, and while Sophie’s magical powers are unreliable, she and her new best friend Parthenope decide to investigate–despite the distraction of Parthenope’s handsome cousin.

From the author of Bewitching Season and Betraying Season comes a brand new regency romance with plenty of intrigue–and magic!

Sophie’s entrance into London society isn’t what she thought it would be: Mama isn’t there to guide her. Papa is buried in his work fighting Napoleon. And worst of all, the illness that left her with a limp, unable to dance at the Season’s balls, also took away her magic. When the dashing Lord Woodbridge starts showing an interest in Sophie, she wants to believe it’s genuine, but she can’t be sure he’s feeling anything more than pity.

Sophie’s problems escalate when someone uses magic to attack Papa at the Whistons’ ball and it soon becomes clear that all the members of the War Office are being targeted. Can Sophie regain her own powers, find her balance, make a match–and save England?

For me, Marissa Doyle is another example of an under-rated teen author.  This third novel once again has the feel of good historical fiction, while including a fantasy element with the addition of magical abilities of Sophie.  Doyle has created an interesting cast of characters, with Sophie’s aunts, Amelie, and of course Lord Woodbridge.  The character that steals every scene, however, is Parthenope who is a hoot.  If you like romantic historical fiction with a touch of fantasy, give this book a try.

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