The time keeper by Mitch Albom

  Regina  Review by:  Regina

Title:  The time keeper

Author:  Mitch Albom

Collection:  Adult Fiction

Dor and Alli live near the beginning of “time”, before time was even a word. Dor is a curious child who studies the movement of light and darkness, the sun and the moon, and who actually creates the first calendar. Dor becomes the “Father of Time.” When Alli becomes deathly ill – Dor tries save her life by climbing the highest tower made by man to reach the gods, hoping to stop time. As the only human to reach the top of the tower, Dor finds himself in a cave, trapped for what seems like forever, listening to the cries and groans of the mankind below – moaning for more time, less time, and knowing the misery of counting the moments. After 6,000 years Dor is allowed to return to earth but only to teach two souls the real meaning of time.

Most of us are short on time, in a hurry, and want things done yesterday. A small, quick read by Mitch Albom – although it isn’t my favorite book by him, it does remind us how to “enjoy our time” and live in the moment.

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