Reunion : a novel by Lauraine Snelling

  Regina  Review by Regina

Title:  Reunion : a novel

Author:  Lauraine Snelling

Collection:  Adult Fiction

Great contemporary Christian fiction by Snelling – this read is based on two families, related by blood but also best friends. Keira Johnston has just been presented a trip to Norway by her husband. The only thing stopping her from getting her passport is finding her birth certificate. When it is finally found, she is shocked and unsettled to discover that her beloved father was not her birth father. Why didn’t her mother tell her and how can Keira tell the big Sorensen clan at the upcoming reunion? At the same time, her niece Kirsten Sorensen is days away from her high school graduation when she’s overcome by nausea and uncertainly takes a pregnancy test. The results may keep Kirsten from accepting a college scholarship in the Fall and break her family apart. The secrets kept by both women tug at the close kinship and need to brought into the open for hoped for healing.

Very contemporary and moving, Snelling’s main characters are strong women who have our everyday human flaws. Please read the Afterword to see how the story personally relates to the author.

I’m also a big fan of Snelling’s Red River of the North Series – again the characters face real life and death issues as they try to farm and settle the land in the Dakota Territory, amidst sickness, hardships, and blizzards.

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