Sea glass summer by Dorothy Cannell

  Regina  Review by:  Regina

Title:  Sea glass summer

Author:  Dorothy Cannell

Collection:  Adult Fiction

Leaving behind a crummy divorce, thanks to her ex and best friend’s dalliance, Sarah Draycott is delighted to move to the pretty little town of Sea Glass, Maine. With the coast at her back door and her front door facing the town, Sarah is ready for a do over in a big way. Right away energetic, 90 year old Nellie Armitage, knocks at the front door and makes friends. Then, Sarah makes the acquaintance with 70 something Gwen and her son, Sonny plus little Oliver, an orphan with a huge vocabulary. Sarah finds herself falling in love with Oliver and fitting in rather comfortably with the residents of Sea Glass.

I’ve never read Dorothy Cannell until this book and and found to my surprise that I really enjoyed her writing. I must say she really get detailed and sometimes that can derail your reading but she also has a great sense of humor that makes it fun.

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