The school of rock [videorecording]

    Review by:  Lisa

Title:  The school of rock [videorecording]

Starring:  Jack Black, Joan Cusack, Mike White, Sarah Silverman, Lee Wilkof, Kate McGregor-Stewart, Adam Pascal

Collection:  Movies

When his band votes him out due to his embarrasing musical antics, Dewey has to make the rent somehow. After intercepting a call for his substitute-teacher roomie Ned, Dewey finds himself in front of a class of elite elementary school students. Dewey decides to take on the music program and makes it his goal to teach them the gospel of rock and roll. His ulterior motive is to get them to compete against his former band for a cash prize.

With an excellent performance by Jack Black has become a cult favorite.  Joan Cusack as the stressed-out, pressured principal of the school delivers (and when doesn’t she?), and the kids who make up Dewey’s band are each in their own right superstars.

A modern-day classic comedy film.

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